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computer fundamentals and Photoshop important questions

anu computer fundamentals and Photoshop important questions for both B.Sc and B.Com ( CA) are now available and you download them from the below. The question paper consists of 8 questions from 5 units and you need to answer any five questions out of 8. Hence by preparing the following questions, you can answer 5 questions in external exams easily.

Unit-I ( Introduction to computer)
  • Define computer. Write the characteristics of  computer.
  • With a neat diagram explain all the components of a digital computer.
  • Explain different types of computers based on size and working.
  • Write about different number systems. ( B.Con Res November 2016)
  • What are complements? With an example explain how 2's complements are used in Binary subtraction. 
  • Write different generations of computers ( B.Con Res November 2016) 
Unit-II ( Input and output devices)
  • What is the use of memory? Write about different types of memories. ( B.Con Res November 2016)
  • Write any five input and output devices.
  • Give a brief Description of keyboard and Mouse. ( B.Con Res November 2016)
  • Why some peoples prefer alternative input device rather standard input devices keyboard and mouse?
  • What is software? Explain different types of software's with examples.
  • Write about open source, commercial, freeware software's with example
  •                                    (OR)
  • Explain different ways to acquire software's.
  • Write the differences between system software and application software.
  • Explain different icons on desktop.
 Unit-III ( Introduction to Photoshop)
  • With a neat diagram, explain parts of Photoshop window components.
  • Write uses and features of Photoshop.
  • What are palettes? Explain different types of palettes in Photoshop.
  • What is Tool Box? Write about various tools present in it.
  • What are different types of screen modes available in Photoshop? Explain.
  • Explain about menu bar and options bar in Photoshop. ( B.Con Res November 2016)
Unit-IV ( Images and Tool Box)
  • Explain how to change size and resolution of an images.
  • Write about various editing operations performed on images.
  • Write about various color modes and adjustments in Photoshop.( B.Con Res November 2016)
  • What do you mean by zooming and panning? Why they are required? explain.
  • Explain about Rulers, Guides and Grids in Photoshop.( B.Con Res November 2016)
  • Explain various ways to crop an image in Photoshop.( B.Con Res November 2016)
  • What is selection? Write about various selection tools in Photoshop.
  • Write about the following tools a) pen tool b) brush tool c) eraser tool c) patch tool.
  • Write about dust and scratches filter in Photoshop.
Unit-V ( Layers and Filters)
  • What are layers? What are the advantages of layers? Write about layer operations.
  • Write about various filer operations in Photoshop.( B.Con Res November 2016)
  • Write about artist filter and bur filter in Photoshop. ( B.Con Res November 2016)
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