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Monday, 3 April 2017

ANU Programming in C 1st Year 2nd Sem Important Questions For Supply Exams

Here are the ANU C Programming 1st Year 2nd Sem Important For supply. The supply examinations is scheduled on 04.04.2017. So, here we present so useful stuff for these examinations.

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Short Answer Questions 

  1. Define algorithm ? How it is useful in the context of software development.
  2. Define the term programming language? Give the examples of such languages?
  3. What is an assembler?
  4. Write short note on compiler?
  5. Write short note on Interpreter? 
  6. What are the differences between compiler and interpreter?
  7. What are the differences between assembler and interpreter?
  8. Write about linker?

Long Answer Questions 

  1. Explain sequence, repetition and decision statements. Also give the keywords used in each type of statement?
  2. Explain flowchart ? Write its advantages and disadvantages.
  3. What is pseudocode? Explain keywords used while writing pseudocode?
  4. Explain about various generations of programming languages?
  5. Explain different categories of high level languages?
  6. What is the difference between Procedure Oriented Programming and Object Oriented Programming?
  7. Explain main feature of Object Oriented Programming.
  8. Write some short note on some popularly used programming languages?
  9. Explain some factors   that influence the selection of a programming language for a project.
  10. Explain design and implementation of correct, efficient and maintainable programs.



 Short Answer Questions 

  1. Write the significant feature or characteristics of C Programming language.
  2. What are escape sequences? How they are useful while writing programming.
  3. Write short note on different files used while executing a C Program.
  4. What are Header file? How they are useful while writing programming.
  5. Write the steps involved in compiling and executing C Program.
  6. What are comment ? How they are useful while writing programming.
  7. Write shot note on keywords.
  8. What is Identifier? Write Rules for forming identifier Names in C.
  9. How are Float and Double data types stored data  in C Program?
  10. Write short note on uniary and ternary operators in C ?

  Long Answer Questions 

  1. With a net diagram and example program explain structure of C Program.
  2. What is Variable? What are different types of it ? How to declare and initialize them in C ?
  3. What is constant ? How it differ from variable? how define constants in C ? 
  4. What is data type? Explain different types of data types in C.
  5. What is Operator? Explain different types of operators in C.
  6. What is Type casting? Why it is required in C ? Explain casting one variable type into another in C.
  7. Write short note on different Input and Output functions used in C.
Programs that you need to learn for first unit.

  • Write a C program to show the effect of arithmetic operators.
  • Write a C program to find the biggest of  two numbers using conditional operators. 
  • Write a C program to swap the two numbers using temporary variable.
  • Write a C program to swap the two numbers without using temporary variable.
  • Write a C program to convert degrees Fahrenheit into degrees Celsius.




Short Answer Questions 

  1. Write short note on Break statement in C.
  2. Write short note on continue statement in C. 
  3. what are the difference between break and continue statements in C. 
  4. Write short note on goto statement in C
  5. What is Dangling Else problem? How to overcome it?
  6. How to compare floating point numbers?
  7. Write short note on iteration in C. 
  8. what is the use of break statement in C.

  Long Answer Questions

  1. Explain Decision Making with if statement in C. 
  2. Explain Decision Making with Switch statement in C. 
  3. Explain various iterative or looping statements in C.
  4. Explain about nesting of loops in C.



Short Answer Questions 

  1. What is function? what are the uses of functions? why functions are nested.
  2. What are different types of functions available in C.
  3. What are differences between recursion and iteration.
  4. Write short note on return statement in C.
  5. what are different types of parameters found while working with functions.
  Long Answer Questions 

  1. What is function? How to Define, call , and Call functions in C with example.
  2. Explain different parameter passing methods in C.  
  3. Explain different categories of functions in.
  4. What is Scope of Variable? Write about different scope rules in C.
  5. What are storage classes? Write about different storage classes in C.
  6. What is Recursion? How to solve problems using recursion? Explain any classical example.
  7. What is Recursion? Explain different types of recursion techniques.




  1. What is an Array? How it is different from an ordinary various? Write its advantages.
  2. What is an Array? Explain different types of arrays in C.
  3. How to Declare and Initialize arrays in C? Explain 
  4. What are the operations that can be performed on Arrays? Explain.
  5. With an example, explain binary search.
  6. How to pass arrays as arguments or parameters to functions. Explain.
  7. Write a c program to add two matrices using arrays.
  8. Write a c program to add multiply matrices using arrays.
  9. Write a c program to find transpose of a matrix using arrays.


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